Making An Impact

Laughter and friendship at Saranac

Young Life is not your normal youth organization.  We believe, with everything inside of us, that kids have the most amazing potential.   We work tirelessly not just to reach kids, but to empower them to take their faith seriously and work to change their school and the world.  Here are some examples of what we do:

  • we work with kids at risk who are difficult to be with and difficult to change
  • we "earn the right to be heard" with kids, building a friendship first and then sharing our message
  • once we've gained trust with kids and their friends, we train them on how to be leaders and how to impact their school, friendships and families
  • we teach kids about their role in the world:  recently we enpowered a large group of students from the inner city, suburban, and rural schools to reach out to teens in El Salvador.  The legacy of that trip and the fruit in their lives will be a hundred-fold!
  • we are there for kids when their worlds fall apart
  • we offer kids the greatest adventures of their lives through our friendships and our YL Camping

We don't just believe in kids, we actually like them.  Our Staff and leaders are dedicated to spending countless hours just being with kids.  There aren't many other places where kids get that kind of reception.


Young Life Syracuse North | 18 Mildred Ave Baldwinsville, NY 13027-2818

Phone: 315-723-4312

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